Who we are

We're Rose + Julien, a soon-to-be married photographer + model team, passionately using still and moving image to showcase the work of others.

We met (through the camera lens) during a commercial shoot in 2018. Since then we've combined our mutual expertise to create professional, varied and exciting content for more than 40 independent brands.

'Rose + Julien' is much more than the two of us. Our strength is in actualising the possibility of your business, through genuine care and great photography.

+ where​

Our studio is based in our hometown of Galashiels in the heart of the Scottish Borders.


We work with local brands in the surrounding region and across Edinburgh, but we love to travel and take on projects across Scotland and beyond.


Artisans of Edinburgh

In 2020 we co-founded Artisans of Edinburgh, a collective for makers who craft and sell in Scotland's capital, today. 

The platform aims to showcase the contemporary artisanal skill of Edinburgh's finest crafts folk, and introduce a new, independent route for retail to flourish.

Visit the website to learn more...