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7 signs you should elope in Scotland

Updated: May 22, 2023

So you're thinking of eloping to Scotland.. Congratulations!

Eloping might give the impression you're acting on an impulse, an urge, or crazy whim. But nowadays it can be the answer to everything! And when it's your wedding at stake, it can be so tricky to know whether to act.

That's why we've written these 7 simple signs to indicate whether a Scottish elopement is the answer you've been searching for..

Sign Number One

You’re thinking of honeymooning in Scotland anyway..

We've had countless couples decide to elope here in Scotland because they were planning on coming here on honeymoon anyway. It just makes sense!

More and more couples are using their time here to tick off other must-see destinations alongside their main Scottish adventure, such as Ireland, Italy and other European cities.

An all-in-one trip is a brilliant way to have the wedding of your dreams and explore this wonderful country together at the same time. Plus it makes your time here even more special..

Sign Number Two

You’d love an intimate wedding day

That can be alone, or with close friends and family at your side.

Either way, you feel drawn towards a day that's as intimate as possible. Marriage is a sacred union, and a significant step in your journey together. And it's okay to not want to do that in front of those cousins you've met once or twice..

That's why we also believe in the importance of beautiful, reportage photography on your elopement day. It's not only the best way for you to commemorate and relive your day, but it also provides a wonderful opportunity to share your nuptials with whomever, whenever you choose.

Sign Number Three

You fear you're not going to enjoy your wedding

You've likely heard the story before - the couple who spent years planning a crazy wedding day, only to look back in hindsight with regret.

Organising a conventional wedding can quickly turn focus into planning a big event for your friends and family. The expectations and considerations can be very stressful and can quickly take away everything that your wedding should be about - celebrating your union.

You can avoid the stress, avoid the chance of family drama or risk of not enjoying your own wedding! And a great way to guarantee a wonderful wedding experience is to trust your gut and elope to Scotland..

Sign Number Four

You’ve never liked the idea of a conventional wedding

Planning a traditional wedding can sometimes feel like a never-ending list of things you need to include, pay for, and plan all because it's the expectation or wish of others..

Perhaps you've never liked the idea of a first dance? Cutting the cake? Or even walking down the aisle? You may love these traditions, but still want to plan something some more focused on celebrating you and your partner, and the individual love that you share.

Eloping gives you complete freedom to design a day just for you!

So you can add, exclude and redesign any aspect you want to. And live out a day truly unique to you.

Sign Number Five

You dream of marrying somewhere beautiful

Saying 'yes' to the love of your life surrounded by rugged mountains, shimmering lochs, or a mystical forest may not be for everyone. But for you it sounds like a dream.

Scotland is unarguably (to us anyway) the most beautiful place in the world.

And it is not only the beauty of the landscapes, or the historical significance of your ceremony location that can be so special - and these are both big selling points! It's also the unique and special connection with nature that makes eloping outdoors such an utterly romantic endeavour.

Sign Number Six

You're up for an adventure

A Scottish elopement is an adventure. But you don't need to hike a mountain for it to count as one!

Travelling thousands of miles to get married in one of the most beautiful countries in the world is daring enough. But you're willing to do it because you know the experience is what's going to make it so special!

If your life together is already an 'adventure' - however you define that term - then a Scottish elopement is certainly for you!

Sign Number Seven

It is possible! And it's easier than you might think..

You might have read this far and truly believe that it makes sense, eloping fits your character and your relationship, but you would need to put in a lot of work to pull it off, or it's simply an unattainable dream.

Well.. no! It absolutely IS doable!! And we promise you, it is actually easy. That's why more and more couples are saying yes, flying to Scotland and having their elopement dream come true.

Scotland's laws are on your side from the start. It's legal to marry anyway in Scotland, making every inch of the great outdoors a possibility. And all of the required paperwork is more than manageable.

We've even complied all of the steps you need to take in our trusted 'How to Elope in Scotland, the Ultimate Guide' blog post.

Plus, we offer expert guidance as well as our signature photography to ensure your Scottish elopement journey is a breeze! From figuring out the very best location for your ceremony, organising the timeline of your day, to helping you find and book vendors.

Receive your FREE Step-by-Step Elopement Guide when you simply enquire with us!

You can relax, trusting that you have friends in Scotland helping you have a breathtaking elopement day of your dreams..

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