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Why the Scottish Borders is the BEST Place to Elope in Scotland



it's easy and practical

The rolling hills and ancient landscapes of the Scottish Borders are located just 1 hour south of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city. It takes at least 3 hours to reach the start of the Highlands. Most people land in the city and immediately venture up north, meaning the Scottish Borders is one of the most overlooked regions of Scotland. And it shouldn't be!

We have impressive landscapes, valleys formed from ancient volcanic activity, shimming expansive lochs and winding burns, historical homes - the father of romanticism in Scotland, Sir Walter Scott grew up and built his grand estate in the heart of the Borders - plus a lot of castles, tower houses and Abbeys.

It ticks a lot of the Scotland boxes.

When you've already travelled so far to be here in the first place, spend a lot more precious time soaking it all in, and less time on the road.


there are a lot less tourists

As we mentioned above, a lot of visitors to Scotland land in either Edinburgh or Glasgow airport and immediately work their way north.

If, however, you make the decision to venture south, you'll be greeted by some of Scotland's most serene landscapes, and truly have them all to yourself. Which is especially great when it comes to planning your elopement. They'll be no queues (yes, people queue for a lot of the photo spots in the Highlands), a lot less campers, cars and other people peppering the background of your images.

Your elopement, and your elopement photographs will be all about you. It's the dream set up.



No midges !

If you're yet to encounter a Scottish midge attack, consider yourself a very lucky individual. What are midges you ask? They're devilish wee bugs that swarm CO2 breathing folk and bite. Think thousands upon thousands of tiny black dots swarming your face, car, even your dog, as they successfully drink your blood.

Sound like the perfect elopement day activity? No, didn't think so.

Unfortunately, the western Scottish Highlands are plagued by these wee beasties every summer, when the boggy ground and lower wind create the ideal climate. It is estimated that of the 65 working days each summer, as much as 20% can be lost due to midge attacks preventing outdoor workers from doing their jobs.

You can read more about midges for yourself (if you feel the need) here.


No midges means it's the best place to elope in Summer !

Quite arguably the best reason to elope in the Borders. The southern region of Scotland is far less impacted by midge populations. So much so, you can comfortably explore the woodlands and wilderness that would be plagued with midges up north, located in the Borders.

This means if you're set on eloping in Scotland in the summer months, you can.

Our northern latitude, but not-quite-as-northern-as-the-highlands latitude, also means we reap the benefits of long summer days, working to slightly more sociable hours. We always recommend a ceremony time close to sunrise or sunset for the very best images possible, so a summer elopement in Scotland usually means late. Around the solstice in June, the sun sets one minute shy of 10pm.

Think vast orange skies, a dusting of twilight stars and no midges!



The weather is (a bit) more reliable

It's still Scotland after all.

And the tales are true, we absolutely do see all four seasons in one day!

But, the Scottish Borders is one region of rolling, inland hills. There's opportunity for dramatic changes, but not like the microclimates you can experience up north.

It also looks beautiful come rain or shine. As photographers, we hate the sun. The best photographs come from diffused, soft light created by light fluffy clouds that cover the sky near the start or end of the day. The average cloud cover in the Borders ranges between 50-75% year round. Which is great news for capturing great images!


Great places to stay

Think rustic, rural farms, old converted barns and quirky historical homes. Usually with a great local eatery nearby too!

The accommodation options in the Borders are plentiful and varied. It's also a lot easier to find availabilities than the more popular offerings up north. And we still have our fair share of super impressive Castle hotels, country house spa retreats and more.



Castles, Towers and Abbeys (and lots of 'em)

What tells the tale of your romantic elopement in Scotland better than a breathtaking castle backdrop?

The Scottish Borders has a long and sundry history. Its position along the border with England wrote a predominately hostile tale, but resulted in a vast landscape well and truly freckled with an abundance of castles, ruins, towers and Abbeys.

It's hard to imagine now, but the Borders was once a lawless and pretty terrifying part of Scotland. Some 500 years ago, during the height of tensions of the Scotland England border, the Borderland residents built peel towers - fortified, multi-story towers unique to the region - and we still have over 100 in various states and conditions today. Their impressive height and presence offer Rapunzel-esque scenes and a fairytale backdrop to outdoor ceremonies.

Go back even further in time and you'll discover the Borders Abbeys. Founded in the 12th century, the Borders are home to a number of ruined, but majestic Abbeys. The most famous four are Dryburgh, Jedburgh, Melrose and Kelso, linked today by the Border Abbeys Way path and cycle route. Dryburgh and Jedburgh are both incredible options for an elopement ceremony, offering an unbeatably atmospheric surrounding for your marriage blessing.

If you're considering a castle, tower or Abbey location for your elopement in Scotland, we've got you. We can help advise the very best venues across the Borders that suit your ultimate hopes and dreams.

So, have we convinced you?

If you're thinking of eloping in Scotland, get in touch to receive our brochure. Stop searching and stressing about how to plan your wedding from afar. And instead, enjoy the elopement process!

Start your adventure into marriage with the greatest Scottish adventure together, and have your dream day with incredible photos to tell the tale forever.

with love,

Rose and Julien

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