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Working with Visit Scotland

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Our Scottish Borders Experience is at your fingertips with our new listings on Visit Scotland, Scotland Starts Here and - shining a summer spotlight on our southern heartland.

The past few months in isolation has provided us with ample opportunity to explore the vast and inspiring countryside surrounding our home in the Borders. We've been able to perfect our Scottish Borders Experience to the highest standard, accrediting us with new and exciting listings, including Scotland's national tourist organisation - Visit Scotland!

Our adventurous photoshoot sessions exclusive to the Scottish Borders are advertised as tours, due to their carefully considered design and hand-picked locations, offering guests a unique chance to have their explorations with us expertly captured.

It feels essential now more than ever to feed a buzz for the Borders. We're confident our decision to home in from our original offerings in Edinburgh has been for the best, allowing us the opportunity to pioneer our experiences for guests, and locals, looking for something extraordinary in the serene and breathtaking scenery Scotland is so rightly renowned for.

We're especially proud to be featured in more campaigns for tourism focused on promoting the best of the Borders. Scotland Starts Here shines a light on just how much there is to see, do and experience in the very start of this country. We're delighted to be featured as a bookable experience, working in collaboration with their ever expanding community. The app is perfect for those of you on staycation, providing an invaluable resource for exploration, with offline-ready trails, audio guides and history available instantly - be sure to download ready for when you arrive!

Photoshoot Scotland has also been featured on, a fantastic online directory for companies from all walks of life working exclusively in the Scottish Borders. They host daily shoutouts for on-going and live support for businesses like us.

It's undoubtedly been a worrying time for so many, and we recognise the storm has not yet passed. It's crucial for tiny wee businesses like ours to feel supported by the community during what remains of our Scottish summer and beyond. We really are so very grateful to have been featured, guided and uplifted by some giants in our industry to help us spread the word and promote our passion.

May Scotland continue to thrive on our journey towards to light at the end of the tunnel! Ours will undoubtably be emerging in the heart of the most beautiful Borderland...


Join us on your own Scottish Borders Experience! Read all about our offerings on our website page, and browse our external listings below:

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